Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The End of my Journey for a Bigger Butt? I think I've reached my Goal.

So, I never stopped on my journey. I actually tried a few other things like the pills and rubs that have came out and I can say my body is bangin lol! I'll post pictures later from my webcam. Since I've been gone, I've tried curvaceous, bbb, dimecurves, and glutimax. Plus I've saved enough to make me a little work out room in my new house.

Here are some brief reviews on the things I used.

Price: $59.95
Review: These really didn't work for me. I don't know why. The ones I bought looked kinda cheaply made. I took them for about a month and didn't really notice a difference except I did retain a lot of water and looked kind of bloated.

Website: but cheaper on eBay I think.
Price: $30-$50
Review: These worked really well at slimming only my waist. I seen results in about a week. I heard these work superb on apple shapes and rulers, not as fast with hourglasses and pears. I did see results in my butt but at a slower pace. It was mainly just filling out the sides and causing the top of my butt to poke out more. I still use these.

BBB Pills
Prince: $100
Review: These are really expensive. They did work but really slow. I just didn't think they worked fast enough for the price.

Price: $39.99
Review: This didn't work for me. I googled the ingredients and it's actually a breast enhancement cream. Followed as directed.

I'll post pix tonight or tomorrow with my routine.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Not continuing this blog!

I recently received A LOT of HATE comments and to be honest they really hurt my feelings. I'm choosing not to continue this blog anymore. All I was doing was trying to help and people just come down on me for that. It's really that hard to believe I got results? Okay, what I did was exercise, massage, and do a few remedies. These ARE ALL proven to work by so many professionals. I'm not referring to the advertising on the website but to actual professionals like trainers, herbalist, science, research, etc. I really don't see why people would be so rude. If you don't believe me or you have a problem with the way I am shaped then you do not have to read my blog or view any of my pictures. I honestly just did this to help, I REALLY thought I could help someone by documenting my experience. Because I do not blog everyday should not take away from my authenticity. I have a job, I have a child, I have OTHER things to do. I did this on my spare time for anyone who might be interested NOT those who aren't and want to make it completely clear how much they aren't.

I was a completely self conscious insecure person and the comments REALLY did hurt because it's hard to think there are people like that. I may post later since I pretty much reached my goal but other then that I am going to request my blog be removed from the website because the negativity that comes from those who do not appreciate honest help.

Thank you for those who appreciated my help and for those who showed me support.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some Result Pix- 1 Month Later

I'm up pretty late. Was up with the Hubby just conversating and making out like little 16 year olds. After 5 years together I think it's so awesome we can still have such a strong connection :) . Well I never got around to actually buying a new body measuring tape. I'm not sure if it's really of importance since when I look in the mirror I'm starting to really like what I see. What do you think, should I buy new body tape? Would it help you if I took my measurements?

I also thought I'd tell you about a few things I bought from a site called I really like them so I thought I'd share. Well, I bought a few things but these are my favorite:

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Mascara Link
Tummy Honey Stretch Mark Solution Active Fading System Link
Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream Link

I bought rapidlash a few months ago (does work BTW is used nightly). After I used rapidlash I misplaced it. I got a free sample of the Elizabeth Arden mascara from purchasing a Britney Spears perfume (it was the only place I could find it) it was from the Elizabeth Arden website I think the link above only has this midnight blue but the EA website should have other colors. So, I got it free and was using it for a few months but every now and again. I noticed a HUGE difference in the length of my lashes so I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! And it doesn't clump and curls your lashes as well. Honestly I would never waste more then a few bucks on makeup from a drugstore. However, once I used this mascara I LOVED it.

Tummy Honey I've only used for 2 weeks on and off because I tend to forget to put it on nightly since I been super busy lately. I have seen slight improvement in old stretch marks (3 Years Old to be exact). It smells sweet and I love the smell. Other might find it a little overwhelming. I think it's a small amount if you have stretch marks in more then one place. To be honest, the stretch mark treatment from the book wasn't working for me. I do think I might use it with the roller they mentioned since it does seem to make a lot of sense in helping me see faster results.

And finally the Conditioner. I have these big curls and damaged hair :(. Damaged ends to be exact. I have ethnic type hair and it's super curly up top of my head and lose waves at the bottom. Things I try usually leave my hair: Greasy, Hard, Puffy after a few hours, stinky, or a few of them all at the same time. This doesn't leave my hair any of those. The hubby loves the smell too! It leaves my hair really nice ALL day and when I touch it my hands are as clean and comfy as a whistle! It's soft and my curls are very tamed and gorgeous. My ends usually puff out quick and just drink up whatever I put on them and frizz up but they don't do that with this. I really like this product and it's super cheap.

Ok- The reason I buy a lot of things online is because I can usually read product reviews, find A LOT of new things I wouldn't be able to find at a store, and it's easier with my busy schedule. I can also save and at I actually get a few bucks back to spend the next time I buy something. I do usually compare on other sites... If you can save money why not? Plus most ploaces usually offer free shipping so like I said, I save :).

NOW. Drum Roll Please!!! Lol, enough chitter chatter. Here are my results after 1 month. :) I'm SUPER excited to show you dolls (and gents):

Hold on, I need to take the picture:

I took 2 sets of pictures in different panties, the first set came our blurry but I'll post both!



Sorry the photo's were blurry. Also, I was stretching in the first one so I'm actually a bit chubbier then that :( awww... lol. Regardless, I'm glad I've been using the program. I'm getting a lot happier with my body. Honestly I had doubts because you know, I like to do research and you find negative things. I'm 80% more confident with myself. I wasn't really trying or am I trying to look like... umm... Kim Kardashian BUT I did want to improve myself and get more curves. I wanted this for myself and I'm glad I'm doing it. I'm glad I'm seeing results. I'm happy I can wear clothes I used to wear and look better in them... like I won't have SUCH A HUGE muffin top lol... I still have a small one... but whatever, I still look good, well a lot better. It's not easy, but it's not hard. I feel REAAALY good about myself. It's an awesome feeling when I write these blogs and post my photos. It really helps me stay determined.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pictures Tonight!

Up for work. I'll be posting pix tonight of the improvements I've experienced. Also, the cream was by ambi. I only used it for a few weeks and was looking over some racy photo's I took and noticed these marks I had were a lot lighter. It's very effective. It's a spot treatment.

Posting pictures tonight of my butt growth!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Move!

Hi, I'm currently in the process of moving. I don't want to leave anyone hanging so I thought I'd let yall know. It doesn't seem they posted my blog up yet (*sad*) but hopefully soon.

UPDATE: I bought some Nivea good bye cellulite, haven't really noticed a huge change but small changes yes. I also got some toner thing that has really been helping these dark spots I have on my arms. It's really does work. I can't remember what it's called but I will post it in a few days when I post some update pictures.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What happens when I stop using the program?

So, sorry I never posted my pix. I stopped for a few weeks. I could not find my camera (I did a few days ago!) and a very very loved one ended up in the hospital. That took all my time. I did just take pix. My results didn't go away and I did get results from my one workout (one and a half, I started doing the second workout and did not finish, but I still got a GOOD burn after)! I'm actually super happy that they didn't go away. I did end up breaking my measuring tape, well my son did :) but I'll get a new one soon when things around me settle down. Here are my pix. I won't post a video because I think they're being deleted because of the booty showing or something, although I'm not nude at all. I wouldn't want my account to get canceled. I'll host them later on youtube and post them here, if I can. I didn't change my diet either. The cellulite treatment things in the woman's body bible don't seem to be working though. I'm not sure if it's to early to tell or they just aren't for me.

After (The Woman's Body Bible) 2.5 weeks later back:
The sides are starting to fill out! :) I still need to lose those love handles so I'll have a more flattering figure.

After (The Woman's Body Bible) 2.5 weeks later side:
I definitely noticed my tummy go down! I'm not sure if it was because the Maca though which made my hormones normal. I still have that love handle though :(. My butt got a little bigger and did start getting rounder and lifted. Lol, as you can see I didn't change my diet... Wendy's. :) lol. Also, cellulite treatment doesn't seem to be working but, non the less I'm seeing awesome improvement in my butt!!!

YAY! I'm suppose to be getting a link back to my blog on the get a bigger butt website! I've been contacting them for a while and it's been a bit rough. Hopefully I'll be able to encourage others and hopefully others will be willing to help keep me motivated, which would be a huge plus especially because all these things going on around me! I'm super stressed and hopefully will be back on track soon.

To clear things up, I'm obviously not getting paid. Non of my links are affiliated links and I get paid well at my regular job so funds aren't a big problem to me. My main goal is to help. I seen a lot of people worrying about scams, what works, so I'm just being a guinea pig for those people. I would have been VERY appreciative if I would have found some help like this which is WHY I'm doing it. I mean, I'm just trying to help, you know? At the end it's you, the guest on my blog, who decides if you want my help or not. As for having the link posted on the site (if it happens) I want more views on my blog, sort of a type of encouragement, support and motivation for me.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Results after 1 week???

Did I get results?

Lol, I haven't checked just yet! First, let me tell you about what I did. I did the exercise Thursday and WOW! I did the experienced section, but I think I'll take a step back to the beginners section because THAT was a freaking workout! All in all, it took less then an hour. I've been resting and my booty still feels a little sore. To be honest, I didn't follow it to a T. I actually did less then it stated because, lol, MY ASS WAS ON FIRE! Regardless, I still had the burn the entire week so I knew it didn't matter to much, but this time I will stick to the correct routine. It's all about following it to a T.

I took the protein I bought about once a day mixed with Maca. The Maca, is awesome. I always had this small acne problem, like just those tiny ones you can barely see but you stilll would prefer smooth skin? Like that. Those are long gone! Also, the bleeding I was experiencing from birth control vanished! And I'm horny 24/7. That is a huge plus for me! I can finally get it on with the hubby lol! The protein, I don't know if it did anything. I have workedout before using less intense exercising and it did burn more then what I experienced so I'm sure it did manage to help.

My diet, to be honest did not change. I ate pizza and wings during the game, cake and ice cream at a birthday party, my favorite LOADED baked potatoe twice and burgers. I did, however, work in some tuna, peanut butter, and chicken breast in my diet daily and was eatin a lot of fruit.

Cardio? I planned on doing it but I think I'll start in 3 more weeks. I wouldn't want to sabatouge any of my results.

BTW, except when measuring my chest, I take my measurements (naked) to be sure nothing can encourage any wrong results. I take my result pictures in underwear because, well, lol, I can't post nude pix! Well, here are my measurements:

Chest: 35.5"
Waist: 30.76"
Butt: 37.8"

I lost about .25 of an inch from my waist. It could be just water weight since it isn't to much. It seems like I almost gained 2 inches on my booty! Now, for the pix and vid:

Back After 1 Week Picture

Side After 1 Week Picture

1 Week After Video:

I can't find my camera right now. I'll look for it throughout the day and when I find it, I'll post the goodness!