Friday, January 1, 2010

The packages have arrived!

I got my main ingredients Tuesday lol! I bought a protein powder mix (protein powder with different types of protein), some krill, and Maca Magic. I also bought measuring tape. I only plan to measure myself once a week! I bought the Maca and Krill from I bought the protein and measuring tape from Luckly I already have 20 pound adjustable ankle weights which I bought from Wal-mart about a year ago for around $20. I'll be going grocery shopping today (New Years Day) and stock up on some of the food they mentioned which really isn't much of a change, just means I need to start cooking more! Now, it said that a lot of these things weren't necessary for results (The Woman's Body Bible from but that you should use them for the best results!

Names and Prices of the Items I bought:
Maca Magic -Powder formula (1.1 pounds/500 grams) from $18.99
Nature's Way Krill Oil (500mg/60 Softgels) from $25.99
I got $5 off using code: BOC247

Body Tape Measure 60" Long from $3.99
ISS Research ProM3 (2.2 pounds) Vanilla/Chocolate from $29.99 ea.

I've been saving for a while so I could make sure I got top rated stuff. Of course, there is cheaper which also has awesome quality, I was just going by the sites top rated things. :)

I'm going to get started using the stuff in The Woman's Body Bible right now! Lol, I can't wait! I want results SO bad!!! Here are my beginning measurements and pictures. Be NICE!:

Chest: 35.5"
Waist: 31"
Butt: 36"

Back Before Picture:
Hehe, a bit of cellulite! I'm all jiggle and squish unfortunately. Why boy shorts so high? I'm trying to give you a good view of the booty lol!!!

Side Before Picture:
To many baked potatoes! Small butt! Time to get a bigger butt!

Before Video: Sorry i it's too dark!(I noticed sometimes my video won't play! Sorry! I'm not sure if it's been deleted or what. I'll probably host it on youtube later.)


  1. How was the maca root been working for you the past two weeks? i've ordered some recently

  2. To Anonymous: Oh, well I've been really busy lately but mainly it's been good and I love it. I only used it about 4 times. I had these hormonal problems and the symptoms vanished and my hormonal levels are on track! I did start wanting sex a lot more too. I'm usually a very forgetful person but when I used maca it helped me stay very focused. Since my hormones are on track I also started noticing the tummy I had has went down a lot! I LOVE it. It's a VEEERRRY good product!